Hot topics for Cambodia- Big challenges bring more good prosperous for our country. Let's develop our country together! Please, kindly use appropriate words. Thanks. (5)- Shortcomings: Corruption, misappropriation of either public or private funds or properties, abuse of power, nepotism and cronyism must stop immediately. As part of administrative rejuvenation process, young graduates as well as honest and capable people must be given the opportunity to relieve the old guards and to subsequently serve in the new administration. To achieve this important mission, corrupt, inept and long serving officials must be forced into redundancy without delay. The size of the government must be reduced to a maximum of 25 portfolios. The number of Deputy Prime Ministers should be kept as low as three positions only. Crook and untrustworthy businessmen/women and concessionaires must be rigorously dealt with and subjected to the full force of the law. Regulations on land concessions must change in size as well as in terms: the size must be reduced to 10,000 hectares per concession and the terms must be reduced to 25 years, but good, honest and reputable concessionaires should be allowed to renew their terms every 5 years. Bad and dishonest concessionaires must be named and shamed.