The True Sam Rainsy and his real intention on the government of Cambodia. In an article titled “Rainsy Returns From US and Accuses CPP of Stealing Vote”, written by Khy Sovuthy and published in the Cambodia Daily on August 17, 2013, the CNRP President, Mr. Sam Rainsy, said that “the armed forces within armored personnel carriers should be taken to the Thai and Vietnamese borders to protect us, because Thailand and Vietnam intend to steal Cambodian land; no one should use armed forces and armored personnel carriers to scare our people in central Phnom Penh, it is wrong”. But just over a week ago on August 9, Mr. Sam Rainsy wrote on his Facebook page a direct appeal to the armed forces to rise up with him and bring down the elected Hun Sen Government: "Please help explain to armed forces, who are your relatives, in order to encourage them to stand up with people and youth forces to demand for the change of the current leader by 2013". The 180 degree U-turn made by Mr. Sam Rainsy can be interpreted as follows: 1- Mr. Sam Rainsy is suffering an early stage of memory loss, 2- Election endorsements from governments around the world are trickling in, 3- The US Administration and the UN are not in favor of nationwide protests as planned by the CNRP leadership and 4- The five rebel groups clandestinely formed in the US, the People’s Power Movement included, gave him a red light instead of a green one because they are still weak and some of their locally recruited agents are captured and sent to courts and some more have the police right on their heels. In the article mentioned above, Mr. Sam Rainsy called the caretaker Government “coward” for resisting his call to step down and for not conceding defeat as the CNRP wanted the CPP-led Government to do. Arrogance, greed, jealousy and, worst of all, the secret plan of avenging the mysterious death of his father Sam Sary who plotted with the CIA to assassinate then Prince Norodom Sihanouk in 1959, have made Mr. Sam Rainsy not only a totally blind person, but a mad man who, like Pol Pot did from April 1975 to January 1979, would leave a legacy of betrayal, destruction and killings if he was given the opportunity to lead the Khmer nation. Cambodia beware, a civil unrest is looming!