Cambodia's rapid growth Cambodia will shortly depart the LDCs group, yet supply side challenges must be tackled The features of Cambodia’s development record are of particular importance .This paper examines Cambodia’s socioeconomic development since the early 1990s peace settlement. The paper notes that the country’s economic growth has seemingly been the fastest among post-conflict societies, and the growth has been driven by a number of factors. These include the credible restoration of security, large public and private capital inflows, economic openness, prudent macroeconomic management, and an integrating neighborhood. Findings contain: Cambodia has achieved much more rapid economic development over the past 2 decades than even the most optimistic forecasts could have projected. The Cambodian people are now better educated and fed, and they have greater social and occupational choice than ever before at this rate of progress, the country will very shortly graduate from the ‘least developed’ group of countries, and within a decade or so, it would enter the middle-income developing group